A Look at Regal Assets Reputation on Trust Link

One of the ways that I am investigating Regal Assets is by diving into their reviews on different sites.  It only makes sense that their recent customers have the best insight into how they operate. They have an impressive list of different sites and associations that they are listed on.  One of them is Trust Link.


Trust Link was founded by the Better Business Bureau in 2008 for complaints and praise for different companies that they list.  They are dedicated to protecting and informing consumers about various businesses whether the reviews are good or bad.

Regal Assets claims to have over 200 reviews and a five star rating on Trust Link.  You can find their listing here to see for yourself and dive into the necessary homework before you deal with them.  In this case, the claims of Regal Assets check out.  They seem to make very satisfied customers according to Trust Link.

Here are Some of the Major Points their Customers Appreciated:

  • Quick response to questions.
  • No automated phone systems.  You talk to flesh and blood people!
  • Made the paperwork very easy for rolling over part of an IRA.
  • Patience and kindness when answering the questions of beginning investors.

Again, you can check out the complete listing on Trust Link Here.

Stay tuned and look around this site for more reviews as I dive deeper into this precious metals company.  As an investor since 2006, I know how important it is to find the most trustworthy companies for growing your personal wealth.

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