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Why did we choose to breed these crosses? Simply to provide the best of both worlds – a purpose-bred sport horse that combines the best from a quality mare and stallion. The Friesian stamps a quiet, gentle, people oriented personality along with improved bone and foot and baroque charisma. The Friesian also adds a graceful neck and powerful hindquarter along with elegant, expressive movement. We carefully select Friesians bred for riding, with three excellent gaits and sport horse conformation. The Warmblood provides added athleticism and stamina, and improves the reach and elasticity of the gaits.


The result is a lovely Baroque style horse that adores people, is eager to please, and is fun to ride and train. At the same time, the Friesian sport horse is usually lighter in build than a pure Friesian, more forward with better stamina, and does come in colors other than black. We specialize in Friesian/Warmblood crosses, adding the athleticism and elastic gaits of the Warmblood, resulting in the ultimate sport horse. These are not your “typical” Friesian crosses, these horses are bred to excel in the competitive arena. Checkout¬†Montana ranch for sale for more details.

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