Sell your house fast Knoxville

All homes are For Sale By Owner.  Some owners just hire a realtor as their choice for a Marketing plan.  The biggest difference in purchasing Homes For Sale By Owner as compared to dealing through a realtor is that the buyer and seller do not have the burden of the “6% Realtors Commission” to make a deal harder to come by.  Sell your house fast in Knoxville.


Since transactions only occur when both the buyer and seller are comfortable with the deal, deals should be easier to consummate when a 6% middleman is taken out of between two parties that already have a difference of perspective about what is a fair price.  To start with, the buyer and seller are 6% closer to a deal.  Since the buyer is really paying the realtors 6% commission, they must decide if they consider the services of realtors to be a value to them at 6% of the property price.

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