Truck Lift Kits for a High Profile

We have long seen the “low look” custom trucks, but today many truck owners have decided to lift their rides for a high profile intimidating stance  and ground clearing performance.

Suspension Lift Kits can be found all over the internet to lift your truck from a mild 1 inch to a sky scraping 8.5 inches. Quality truck lift kits, and suspension lift kits are manufactured by Pro Comp, Superlift, SkyJacker, Trail Master , FabTech and ReadyLift make custom components to lift most Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Lifted Honda, Ford, Jeep and Toyota vehicles without cutting, grinding or welding.

These kits can usually be installed in a day or two by the average Joe with a bit of mechanical ability and the proper set of tools.

Suspension Lift Kits and lift kit blocks vary greatly in components and performance depending on the  manufacture and range in price from a mere $200.00 to well over $5,000.00.



Superlift founder, Brett Lovett, has nearly 30 years of off-road suspension expertise under his belt. Brett’s tireless pursuit of perfection is what makes Superlift suspension lift systems a superior value. His passion for the sport is the driving factor behind Superlift’s meticulous design, development and manufacturing processes.

Need proof? Every year Superlift organizes trail rides all over the country so off-road enthusiasts of all experience levels can get out and test their kits on all types of terrain. Superlift also owns their own 1250+ acre off-road vehicle park in Hot Springs, Arkansas where they prototype, test and develop their lift systems.

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